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Chemtrails: Wilhelm Reich, The Orgonite Cloudbuster And Orgone Energy Help You Take The Initiative Against Chemtrails

Wilhelm Reich And The Orgonite Cloudbuster

The Cloudbuster as designed by Wilhelm Reich did something amazingly well–it absorbed the negative orgone energy that surrounds us and induced rain. It made rain happen. The main trouble with Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster was that because it pulled negative orgone energy from the space surrounding it, the cloudbuster accumulated, and soon became saturated with, negative orgone energy.

Because negative orgone energy had a harmful and potentially fatal effect on any human being that touched the device itself, the cloudbuster had to be consistently drained of the accumulated negative orgone energy by either, a) connecting it to a body of running water or, b) connecting it to an orgone accumulator, which soon became saturated itself and began to cause trouble for the human operator of the device. So, this accumulation of negative orgone energy in the Wilhelm Reich Orgonite Cloudbuster is one of the reasons that Wilhelm Reich’s work was not, and has not been implemented worldwide.

But the main reason his research hasn’t surfaced en masse is because it has been suppressed by those whose “interests” were threatened by Wilhelm’s Reich groundbreaking work. Listen to a recording by Wilhelm Reich addressed to future Humanity Now let’s change focus briefly, from Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster to the not-so-recent phenomenon known as Chemtrails. You may already know about chemtrails, a global aerosol toxin release program that is happening now in our skies–or you may not.

If you don’t know what chemtrails are, just look up in the sky every now and then over the next couple of days, you may just catch one of the unmarked, high-altitude, mystery jets releasing a long plume of toxins, which are different than the quickly dissipating vapor contrails of military jets. Here is a video by Australian Max Egan that explains our global problem of chemtrails very well: If you’re like most of us, and by that I mean most of us Earth Citizens, you’re really pissed off about this attack on our health, our lungs and our planet, Our Earth. You want to know how to remedy the situation, to fight back back.

Write a letter, talk to a representative, ask questions, get the word out, tell everyone you know–these are all options to explore. They will bring results. Over time. Meanwhile, all of us are breathing this stuff–whatever it is they’re releasing–directly into our lungs. Here’s what you can do today to stop the chemtrail madness. There’s a reason for everything, even for why you arrived on this page! Could it be that maybe you’re supposed to build an Orgonite Chembuster? Think about this carefully: each well built Orgonite Chembuster unit clears the sky of chemtrails and produces positive orgone energy simultaneously. For up to 120 miles in all directions if you add extra crystals!

Now you understand, just think of the beneficial and positive effect your personal effort will have on everything and everyone around the location of your Orgonite Chembuster–for up to 120 miles. And they won’t even know! Some people would say that having this information, as you will shortly, puts on you a type of responsibility. The Original Purpose of Mankind was to be Stewards of the Earth, Caretakers of the Planet. Aren’t we here to take care of our planet? We’re not supposed to destroy it, are we? Yet that’s what a small minority of people are doing, the ones at the top.

It seems the power elite believe “ordinary” Earth Citizens like You and me would rather watch television than defend our Earth from purposeful aerosol release of toxins and the subsequent deterioration of our personal health and destruction of our Earth’s beautiful ecosystem.

Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich, MD

Okay so here’s the good news: Each human being that cares about the Earth, each one of us, can make his or her own personal Orgonite Chembuster, which will absorb and transmute negative orgone energy into positive orgone energy. This will help heal the atmosphere up to 120-mile radius of where it is placed.

Put it wherever you want–in your backyard or somewhere inside your house–it still has the same effect. The Orgonite Chembuster is a major improvement over the Cloudbuster design of Wilhelm Reich. Quartz and Citrine Crystals and Orgonite have been added to the mix. The Orgonite Chembuster does not accumulate negative orgone energy like the Cloudbuster; it actually pulls negative orgone energy down from the sky and transmutes it.

So it effectively becomes a transmitter of positive orgone energy. How does this happen? The Orgonite does it. Quartz and citrine crystals inside the copper pipes surrounded by resin mixed with metal shavings. The best part is, you can make it yourself. With about three hours, some online ordering of your crystals (http://bit.ly/quartzCrystals), a trip to home depot and about 150 bucks, your personal effort will result in the healing of the atmosphere for up to a 120-mile radius. You’ll have the personal knowledge that you are helping heal our planet. YOU can help stop chemtrails.

It’s time to take responsibility. Earth is your planet. With a well made Chembuster you will be able to noticeably reduce the effects of chemtrails within a 45-mile radius, which is already a significant effect. If you use extra crystals, you can extend the effect for up to 120 miles in all directions from the location of the Orgonite Chembuster.

If enough of us each make at least one of these easy-to-build Orgonite Chembusters, we will effectively disarm and dismantle the billion-dollar chemtrail program which is now spraying the world’s skies with toxic chemicals and possibly airborne viruses, such as H1N1 swine flu virus. What You’ll Need: Materials:

  5. PLYWOOD PIECES (3 total)
  6. RESIN


  1. DRILL
  3. fLAT 1 1/8 INCH BIT

Here’s a more detailed list:

  • CRYSTALS: 6 Quartz and 6 Citrine crystals. 2″ in length, less than an inch in width.  The most convenient way is to order online, try http://bit.ly/quartzCrystals.
  • COPPER PIPES: 1 standard Type M, 6 foot long, one-inch diameter copper pipe. Cut into six 12″ pieces. 3 standard type M, 10 foot long, one-inch diameter copper pipes. Cut each pipe in half to get six 5″ pipes.
  • PIPE COUPLERS: 6 Couplers that allow pipes to enter from both sides to meet in the middle.
  • METAL SHAVINGS: Metal shavings from machine shops are perfect. Get as much as you can. Fill a one-gallon bucket with metal shavings, that should be enough. And if different metals are available, even better. PLYWOOD: 3 pieces of 3/4” exterior plywood. They should be cut to fit snugly within the 2-gallon bucket. Here are the templates you’ll need:
Wilhelm Reich Orgone Energy Orgonite Chembuster

Wilhelm Reich Orgone Energy Orgonite Chembuster

  • TEMPLATE 1: 3/4 inch plywood is used for the circular base of the 6 copper pipes with endcaps. The pipes are placed in a smaller circle that has a 2 1/2 inch diameter–so that the pipes’ centers are 2 1/2 inches apart. Use the 1 1/4″ drill bit to make the holes.
  • TEMPLATE 2: This wooden piece will go inside the rim, but you’ll only use it to get the pipes parallel to each other, then you’ll remove it. So it’s important to cut away some of the wood so you can fit your hand underneath it to pull it out. Use the 1 1/8″ drill bit to make the six holes.
  • TEMPLATE 3: This piece goes near the open ends of the copper pipes. It’s purpose is to align the pipes and maintain them parallel. The circular piece has a 4″ radius, and 1 1/8″ holes drilled on a circle with a 2 1/2″ radius.
  • RESIN: You have several options here. Polyester resin works well. Epoxy also works, as does Envirotech resin from http://www.eti-usa.com (this sets quickly, so you’ll need to be experienced with it). But if you’re planning on making a lot of these units, it’s much less expensive to order resin in 5-gallon buckets online. Try a surfboard or boat manufacturing supply company. Home Depot resin prices aren’t cheap–$24 per gallon.
  • BUCKET: 9″ in diameter, 9″ deep. 2 gallon plastic buckets from the Home Depot paint department are great for this but any other heavy duty 2 gallon bucket will do. MASKING TAPE: You will use it to tape the open ends of the 12″ copper pipes to keep metal shavings from falling in while you’re adding resin and mixing in the metal shavings.
  • HEAVY DUTY GLUE: Try Goop glue.


How To Make An Orgonite Chembuster:  The Brief

Essentially, you’ll be inserting crystals inside cut pieces of rubber hose, which will then go into the 12″ copper pipe segments. You’ll seal one end of the pipes with the endcaps and tape the open ends closed, so that no metal shavings accidentally fall inside it while you’re pouring resin and mixing in metal shavings.

The 12″ pipes will then go inside the bucket in a circular formation. Use the wooden templates to hold the geometry together and keep the pipes parallel. In goes the catalyzed resin mixed with metal shavings. Do this in three parts, waiting for each to harden before continuing to fill.

When the whole bucket of resin has hardened, attach the 5 foot copper pipes using the couplers, and you’re done. Put it to work in a safe and secret, but most of all, strategic location. Pull off the 5 foot lengths of copper pipe for increased portability.

How To Make An Orgonite Chembuster:  The Details

Start by sending a strong positive intention to each crystal, or all of them together at once. Positive intention is a clear thought that you hold for a time in the center of your mind, then send out to the crystals. If you want to increase the power of this intention, meditate first.

Once you have cleared your mind of all daily clutter and stopped any internal dialogue, form and sustain the following intention very clearly in your mind: This thought should be that your crystals work together to attract and transmute negative orgone energy into positive orgone enery for the benefit of our planet and all of the living beings on it.

Insert each crystal into a cut piece of rubber hose, so that the fit is as tight as possible. This will provide the pressure needed to induce the piezoelectric effect of the crystals. Place at least 2 crystals–keep in mind that you can place up to seven–in each 12″ copper pipe. Glue the hose pieces and crystals to the inside of copper pipe. Seal it with the endcap.

Tape the open ends of the pipes to prevent metal particles from falling inside them while you add resin + metal shavings. Pour about an inch of catalyzed resin into bucket. Stir in metal shavings until you have a flat surface; use 1 part metal shavings to one part resin. Note that resin is flammable. Hint: Do this in a warm, well-ventilated area. Remove the tape over the open ends of the pipes.

Place wooden TEMPLATE 1 onto resin before it hardens; do not force the wooden piece to the bottom of bucket, just place it onto the resin surface. Get the six pipes in place; they should fit tightly within the six 1 1/4″ holes in TEMPLATE 1. The 12″ pipes should be in a circle, already capped with at least one quartz and one citrine crystal inside. Now add a half gallon of catalyzed resin while mixing in handfuls of metal shavings with a dowel.  Use the same ratio: one-part resin for one-part metal shavings. After you’ve added the second layer of resin + metal shavings, remove the tape from the open ends of the copper pipes.

Move the wooden TEMPLATE 2 downward carefully on the copper pipes until it fits within the bucket rim. Push it down so it is a snug fit. Add the COUPLERS and 5 foot pipes onto the 12″ base pipes.

Bring TEMPLATE 3 onto the copper pipes; it should remain near the top of the pipes. Turn it as needed so that the pipes are parallel to each other. Wait for resin + metal shavings to harden, then remove TEMPLATE 2–you’ll have to remove TEMPLATE 3 first to get TEMPLATE 2 out.

Get your fingers under TEMPLATE 2 through one of the cutaways, and pull; you will reuse this piece to make your next Chembuster. Now put TEMPLATE 3 back in its place at the top of the copper pipes.

Continue pouring the resin + metal shavings in two phases so the resin hardens quicker. Do not move the device until resin has hardened completely. Now you’re done!

Once resin has hardened, move your new Orgonite Chembuster to your favorite, safe and secret, but most of all, strategic location. Disattach the 5 foot copper pipes for increased portability. Carry the bucket. You can paint the bucket a darker color–green or brown if you like–to reduce visibility. Positive Energy For All.

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      Syukurlah ada Orgonite…!! tapi msh blm terlambat masuk ke bumi indonesia dan masih ada kesempatan untuk memperbaiki Alam yang telah dirusak oleh kemajuan2 Tehnologi, baiklah agar dpt segera mengamalkan/membuat untuk kembalinya Alam ini jadi Bersih…. dan semoga semua mahluk hidup Sehat & Bahagia. SEMOGA ADA YG MEMBANTU DANA untuk Membuat & Gifting di mana tempat yang diperlukan,dapat hub.ngi 03417565020/ferry

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