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Tim Vawter vs. Federal Gov’t

The link below will open a new window to scribd.com, where a copy of the official Injunction documents are posted.  You need to know about this. You can also download a copy of the documents there.

VAWTER v FEDERAL GOVERNMENT – Complaint & Related Documents – 1

  1. Anti-Vaccine
    September 4, 2009 at 8:26 am

    There is now a “Copy & Paste” version of Tim Vawter’s lawsuit to stop the forced vaccinations posted at


    The “Copy & Paste” version is easy for anyone in any country to copy and paste right into their own lawsuit to file against their own government to help stop forced flu vaccinations. People will need to make a few changes so the lawsuit abides by the court rules for their own countries. It is a big help to have a basic lawsuit like this one posted for anyone who wants to use any of it in their own lawsuits. 🙂

    Remember, once a lawsuit is filed in court, copyright laws do not apply to it, so anyone can use this lawsuit. Special thanks to the courage and love of Tim Vawter.

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