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What You Can Do Personally To Stop The Forced Swine Flu “Vaccinations”

63% of tested lab animals DIED when given the Baxter swine flu vaccine!

63% of tested lab animals DIED when given the Baxter swine flu "vaccine!"

There are those in the power elite whose main objective is to have you and your kids vaccinated by force.

Massachusetts is about to pass legislation that will fine Sovereign Citizens of the United States $1000 a day and quarantine them in a camp if they refuse the “vaccine,” which has already been found to contain toxins such as mercury and LIVE virus of the H5N1 bird flu strain, which can easily cause untimely death.

A shipment of 72 kilos of Baxter “vaccine” vials was found to have a deadly combination of seasonal flu and H5N1 avian flu.  When tested in a Czechoslovakian laboratory on lab animals, 63% of them died.

A lot of us now know about Jane Burgermeister’s filing of criminal charges against Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, the World Health Organization, and the UN; and in case you haven’t seen it on mainstream media (there is a media blackout on this issue), here is a summary:

Notice of Possible Felonies /Treason – Possible Imminent Planned Mass Murder of Millions of Persons in the United States for Profit, Depopulation, and the Overthrow of the U.S. Government, U.S. Constitution, and U.S. Legal System.

Pursuant to 18 USC sec 4 (Misprision of a Felony) and 18 USC sec 2382 (Misprision of Treason).

These are the criminal charges the brave Jane Burgermeister has filed in Austria, very serious charges, to say the least, with the ultimate goal of blocking the mass “vaccinations” of Citizens.

7 of 10 lab animals DIED after being given the swine flu "vaccine."<p><br>We can no longer call it a "vaccine," a 63% Kill Rate makes it a very efficient Bioweapon.

7 of 10 lab animals DIED after being given the swine flu "vaccine." We can no longer call it a "vaccine," a 63% Kill Rate makes it a very efficient Bioweapon.

Tim Vawter and Elizabeth Book have also filed injunctions here in America, in New Jersey.  Their courageous actions have the potential of halting the mass “vaccinations.” This of course depends on whether or not the judge stands up and fights for humanity, or gives in to the corporate and power elite agenda.  More than likely, once he realizes his own family, his children,  and grandchildren will be affected, he will surely make the right choice.

Penny Bright has sent an open letter to all members of the New Zealand Parliament asking them to weigh the consequences carefully when voting on the mass “vaccinations.”

So the question remains:  What can You do today to prevent the passing of unjust legislation making mass “vaccinations” enforceable by police in your state or country?

You can do any, or all of the following:

  1. File criminal charges of treason and global genocide against Baxter, Novartis, WHO, and the UN by using Jane Burgermeister’s criminal charges template found on this blog among others.
  2. Copy Tim Vawter’s Injunction to Stop the Forced “Vaccinations” and modify it so that you can also file an injunction yourself at your local court house.
  3. Send an open letter to your state representatives (like Penny Bright did in New Zealand) by modifying her template so that they become aware that you are extremely concerned and completely against forced, mass “vaccinations.”
  4. Download all three documents–the Criminal Charges Template, the Injunction Template, and the Open Letter to the NZ Parliament, and re-post all of them on your blog/website (or distribute to all your email contacts).  This is Urgent.  Get as many people to see the documents as possible.  Take Action Now.

By choosing to do any of the above actions, you will be asserting that:  You are a Sovereign Human Being; that you, and only you, decide what substances enter your body; and that no corporation, or greedy world organization bent on world control in the name of “health” can determine what is best for you.

The Swine Flu <em>"Vaccine"</em> Has a <b>63% Kill Rate.</b> It Is Actually A Bioweapon. <b><em>Do Not Allow Your Children to Get "Vaccinated."</em></b>

The Swine Flu "Vaccine" Has a 63% Kill Rate. It Is Actually A Bioweapon. Do Not Allow Your Children to Get "Vaccinated."

You absolutely WILL NOT SUBMIT to purposeful injection of toxins and potentially lethal LIVE virus into your system.

My Friends, The Time Is Now. Become part of the Unified Movement to resist the forced “vaccinations.” Stand up for your rights as a Sovereign Human Being. Stand up for the rights of your children.  Let us resist civilly, while we still can. Do it for the young defenseless human beings who will be the first to be vaccinated against their will.

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  1. Judy Faust
    September 1, 2009 at 12:16 am

    Please keep me posted. What can I do this week in Massachusetts??

  1. September 2, 2009 at 4:46 am

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