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Guide to Filing Criminal Charges With Your Local Police Today

Basic principles

Among civilized countries, conduct is regulated by well established rules enshrined in laws and the Constitution. These assign to people certain basic civic rights, such as the right to life, the right to free speech, the right to self defence. Flowing from these basic civic rights, is the right to report a crime if there is enough evidence of one, and also the right to see justice done.

In the event of a violation of a law, an injured party may legally resort to remedial action, demand an investigation and the punishment of individual offenders, and you also have the right to ask for investigation into mass vaccinations with the “swine flu” because there really is evidence of a crime.

A request for an investigation has to be communicated to your local law enforcement, your local police or Sherriff’s department. It is their duty to enforce compliance with the law and to protect you and the rest of the population by investigating possible crimes and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Will You File Criminal Charges With the Police?

One advantage of reporting the crime to your local law enforcement is that they will be obliged to examine the material and so will be much less likely to assist in any forced mass vaccinations, knowing that the act ordered is unlawful.

When you go to your police station, you will need to be able to explain why you think they should initiate an inquiry into the mass vaccination against the swine flu, giving facts and evidence why you believe your life and the lives of others are likely to be endangered by mass vaccinations and naming violations of the law, such as on “conspiracy to commit mass murder” and “bioterrorism”.

Conspiracy, attempts to commit, as well as complicity in initiating and planning a crime, are punishable. The crime does not have to have occurred for you to be able to seek remedial action. If is enough for you to be able to present credible evidence that you and others are going to be subjected to acts which include inhuman treatment, including biological experiments, willfully causing your great suffering or serious injury to body and health, for you to be able to ask that law enforcement acts to investigate and punish the violators.

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The law of a state is binding not only on a State but also on all individuals inside a State, no matter how high their position in government might be. Any member of government, however senior, who commits an act which constitutes a crime under the law is responsible for it and liable to punishment. When Presidents and Prime Ministers are not obliged to obey the law, it is called a dictatorship or totalitarian government. Don’t be afraid to ask for everyone to be held accountable before the law, even the Prime Minister.

These principles were reinforced during the Nuremberg Trials of 1946-1947 against Nazi German leaders for their role in committing genocide. It was established during those trials that no person, no matter how high their government office, could be exempted from their obligation to follow normative justice assigning to all people, irrespective of their race or religion, basic civic rights under any circumstances whatsoever.

The defence of the Nazi German officials that they were acting on orders from superiors and in a “national emergency” was dismissed by the US military tribunal. The Nazi officials were found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity and for misusing their positions in government to create an apparatus of state-sponsored genocide and terror.

The Nuremberg Doctor’s Trial: can someone be forced to take an injection with unknown or toxic substances?

The Nuremberg Doctor’s Trial of 1946 reaffirmed the basic right of everyone not to be vaccinated or injected with unknown and dangerous substances as part of medical experiments and also of the right of everyone to be fully and adequately informed about the contents of vaccines or injections.

Nazi doctors injected into concentration camp prisoners substances and diseases that caused death and injury using force often working under contract for German pharmaceutical companies.

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The Illegality of forced vaccinations in a pandemic emergency

It is, therefore, clear from these principles and laws that mass forced vaccinations with toxic substances classified as bioweapons by government regulators under the pretext of a national emergency, including a pandemic emergency, are illegal.

The Flu Case: a brief summary for use when you approach the police

Forced mass vaccinations: Can this really happen in the next few weeks?

In the next few weeks, you could be forced to take a potentially deadly vaccine against the “swine flu,” be quarantined and restricted in your travel along with billions of other people around the world because the World Health Organization, the UN public health body, has declared a global pandemic emergency of the highest level, namely level 6, and so triggered global martial law, even though military law is not meant for a peacetime situation.

WHO’s pandemic level 6 declaration: What does this mean for you?

As a result of this pandemic level 6 declaration, the USA, Europe — in fact all 194 countries that have signed up for WHO’s International Health Regulations, IHR (2005) –have moved from civil law to military law. All governments have incorporated the provisions of the IHR into their national legislation, often in the form of national pandemic plans signed off by health ministers without a vote in parliaments.

The provisions of the IHR 2005 allow for “crisis committees” to be set up in each country that take instructions from WHO in the event of a pandemic emergency. n this situation, WHO can issue decrees unilaterally. WHO is empowered to take charge of the police and army to carry out a forced mass vaccination programme.

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In the USA, the provisions for forced vaccination are also incorporated into executive orders and legislation such as the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act. However, the strong constitutional status of American states has resulted in an uneven implementation of the MSEHPA. 39 states have adopted the provisions and can enforce vaccinations.

Refusing a vaccine is a criminal offence: What are the implications of this?

Refusing a WHO-mandated vaccination has been criminalized under provisions related to public health emergencies. Police can use deadly force against “criminal suspects,” that means, they can take you to prison or even shoot you if you refuse.

In some countries, the mass vaccination campaign against the “swine flu” is set to be voluntary at least at the beginning of the vaccination campaign in September with a move to compulsory vaccination expected later on in winter as armies around the world prepare to administer the vaccine.

However, the Greek government has already announced that there will be forced vaccinations, and other countries are expected to follow suit soon.

In Switzerland, the Swiss army is stockpiling the vaccine in another sign of the militarisation of the public health services as WHO takes charge of the “pandemic emergency”. The French government is supposed to declare its highest state of national emergency over the “swine flu” in September and the country will be divided into special defence zones with an army officer at each governor’s or “prefects” side.

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The vaccines are potentially deadly

There is, however, scientific evidence that the WHO mandated vaccine will be toxic and potentially deadly.

WHO developed a method to use vaccines to kill people in three steps which were described in memos dated from 1972, discovered by Patrick Jordan and to be seen on Dr Rebecca Carley’s website, http://www.drcarley.com.

WHO has now put the theory outlined in those Memos into practice by producing “swine flu” vaccines that will, in a three-pronged approach,

a) weaken the immune system b) inject a huge dose of virus into the body, which the weakened immune system cannot fight c) inject a adjuvant that will create an inflammatory reaction and a cytokine storm.

and so kill in three steps as outlined in the 1972 WHO memos.

For information about the dangers of these vaccines check out Dr Rebecca Carley’s website.

Adjuvants: “the new generation of bioweapons”

In spite of the scientific evidence that adjuvants caused the Gulf War Syndrome and are damaging to health and body, WHO is specifically recommending the production and use of vaccines containing oil-based adjuvants in the mass vaccination campaign starting in September.

In a July 13 briefing note, WHO stated:

“In view of the anticipated limited vaccine availability at global level and the potential need to protect against “drifted” strains of virus, SAGE recommended that promoting production and use of vaccines such as those that are formulated with oil-in-water adjuvants and live attenuated influenza vaccines was important.”

Squalene, an oil in water adjuvant, is scientifically proven to be among the worst of the worst in terms of immune adjuvants.

Vaccines classified as bioweapons by regulators

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Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccines which have squalene adjuvants are classified as bioweapons by the US and EU regulatory authorities, indicating just how much potential for damage they have.

The Czech Republic recently suspended talks with Baxter over the supply of “swine flu” vaccines because Baxter refused to guarantee their safety or to pay compensation, strongly supporting the notion that Baxter knows the vaccines will be damaging.

In addition, WHO is allowing the US government to test only vaccines without adjuvants in clinical trials for the “swine flu” vaccine that are currently underway – and that even though the people of the USA will get vaccines with adjuvants scientifically proven to be dangerous and even though they are not approved by the FDA. This means the clinical results fom the clinical trials will be misleading as to the actual impact of these “swine flu” vaccines.

Inadequate safety trials

Vaccines will be developed, “tested,” and shipped for mass distribution in a matter of weeks without adequate trials for safety.

Furthermore, in the USA, an Emergency Use Authorization allows any company that gives experimental vaccines to Americans during a declared public health emergency to be protected from liability if people get hurt.

In addition, there are ways proven to be much better and less expensive for protecting against virus such as the use of colloidal silver.

Vaccine companies sit on WHO’s vaccine advisory board

The pharmaceutical companies are already reaping huge profits from this mass vaccine campaign mandated by WHO.

Executives from pharmacuetical companies such as Baxter and Novartis sit as “observers” on WHO’s vaccine advisory board.

WHO refused to release minutes of a key meeting on July 7th when its “vaccine advisory board” — packed with pharma executives as observers — recommended to WHO that it order forced vaccinations around the world with their vaccines, ensuring them vast profits.

WHO helped Baxter contaminate 72 kils of vaccine material with the live bird flu virus and so nearly triggered a pandemic earlier this year.

In addition, WHO supplied Baxter’s Austrian subsidiary with the live bird flu virus that Baxter used to contaminate 72 kilos of vaccine material before sending it out to 16 labs this Februarys, so nearly triggering a global bird flu pandemic according to a report in the Times of India.

Because Baxter’s facilities use biosafetly level 3 regulations, this contamination could not have been an accident but indicates criminal intent. The Austrian police are now investigating after I filed criminal charges.

A total 36 people had to be treated preventatively for bird flu in hospitals.

Also, Baxter patented a vaccine for the allegedly new and deadly “swine flu” virus in 2008.

How can WHO declare a pandemic emergency on the basis of a new and deadly virus in June 2009 when Baxter patented a vaccine in 2008?

Swine flu is harmless, say experts

WHO has made a unilateral declaration of pandemic level 6 on the basis of a harmless “swine flu” manipulating data and so misusing a provision designed for a deadly plague in order to declare a pandemic level 6 and acquire new emergency powers over the globe.

Cases of swine flu are mild, requiring little or no medical intervention. And deaths from the H1N1 virus remain extremely low, at less than one half of one percent of reported cases as of July 6. There is no sign of the virus mutating to become more deadly.

Rapid tests have been shown to diagnose the “swine flu” wrongly nine times out of ten, casting doubt on the allegedly swift spread of this flu.

The swine flu has symptons virtually indistinguishable from the normal flu and has never so far been isolated in a lab.

WHO changed the definition of the meaning of pandemic in 2003. With the present terminology every year we will be in a pandemic. In fact every year since 1918 would have been Pandemic Level 6 under the WHO’s definition.

WHO changed the definition again this spring so be able to declare a pandemic on an alleged spread of a disease rather than its lethality.

The dangers of mass vaccination: history

The Spanish Flu Pandemic was started by mass vaccinations in 1918-1919.

A 1976 mass swine flu vaccination campaign in the USA had to be abandoned because more people died from the vaccines than the “swine flu.“

To go to the police print out the “Summary of the Swine Flu Criminal Charges”.

The detailed evidence that you can also give to the police in the form of documents in the “swine flu” case includes

a. Evidence that the “swine flu” vaccine is toxic, especially the adjuvant squalene

b. Evidence that it was wilfully created to be toxic and to cause serious injury to body and health, especially in the form ot the 1972 WHO memos describing how to turn such vaccines into a means of killing

c. Evidence that the clinical trials for the “swine flu” are being willfully conducted to gloss over the vaccine’s toxicity by creating artificial reasons to rush them through safety trials or by designing the trials in such a way as to conceal the dangers, specifically the US clinical trials of candidate vaccines that are all without adjuvants even though the population will be given adjuvants

d. Evidence that the vaccines are classified as bioweapons under US and EU government regulations, so that the act of calling them a prophylactic measure is an act of fraudulent misrepresentation. These are bioweapons.

e. Evidence that the vaccine companies — the key ones are Baxter, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi — are set to profit hugely from these mass vaccinations and have planned to profit from them in advance, specifically Baxter’s filing of a patent for the allegedly new and dangerous “swine flu” in 2008, more than a year before the “swine flu” outbreak

f. Evidence that executives from these same vaccine companies sit as observers on a key vaccine advisory board of WHO and also on key government advisory boards in a clear conflict of interest, thereby undermining the neutrality of such boards and the scientific validity of their recommendation to mass vaccinate

g. Evidence that WHO is concealing from the general public the extent to which the vaccine companies influence its decision to initiate mass vaccinations by refusing to make public minutes of a key meeting of the vaccine advisory board in July, 2009, which recommended such mass vaccinations

h. Evidence that WHO has manipulated the data to be able improperly to declare a pandemic level 6 when there is no scientific justification of such a pandemic

i. Evidence as to the power that WHO acquires by declaring a pandemic level 6, specifically the power over country’s health and security services and the right to govern a country under martial law through speciial “crisis committees” in the form of International Health Regulations 2005, national pandemic plans and the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

j. The right to “militarize” public health: compelling people to take the “swine flu vaccine ie force vaccinate populations, quarantine people for unlimited time, seize property, destroy towns (allegedly to stop the pandemic spreading)

k. Evidence that government officials are colluding in this mass murder by enacting laws that provides immunity to vaccine companies in the event of the vaccines causing death or injury

l. Evidence that Baxter and WHO deliberately tried to trigger a global pandemic this winter in Austria, specifically Baxter’s contamination and distribution of 72 kilos of vaccine material with the live bird flu virus supplied by WHO

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m. Evidence of the cover-up by the Austrian government officials, specifically the Health Minister who sent a vet to investigate a grave breach of biosafety level 3 regulations that indicates criminal intent

n. Evidence that the mainstream media is deliberately misleading the public, specifically the Austrian magazine Profil

o. Evidence that Baxter and WHO were involved in an act of bioterrorism in Switzerland when a hermetcially sealed box containing swine flu vials officially bound for the Swiss national flu laboratory in an act apparently commissioned by WHO exploded on a passenger train, spraying passengers with a potentially deadly virus

p. Evidence that the swine flu outbreak in Mexico City in April was a deliberate release of a virus or toxic substance

q. Evidence that the virus released was man-made

r. Evidence that the virus resembles the Spanish Flu Pandemic virus of 1918-1919, resurrected and reconstructed by Jeffrey Taubenberger in a US bioweapons lab

s. Evidence that the virus now spreading appears to be the normal flu, ie that the deadly bioterrorism attack on Mexico City did not work and petered out, specifically mildness of symptoms, indistinguishable from flu.

t. Evidence as to the fact that it was mass vaccinations that caused the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918 and that the 1976 “swine flu” vaccination programme in the USA had to be abandoned because it caused so much injury and death

u. Evidence that vaccinations in Nigeria today are causing the disease they are meant to cure

v. Evidence that Novartis has tested lethal bird flu vaccines in Poland, killing at least 21 people

w. Evidence that there are other effective, low cost methods of protecting a population against any pandemic virus, even supposing there is a pandemic

x. Evidence that the people who fund WHO and the vaccine companies are tied to the institutional investors and the banksters who have collapsed the economy for their profit by engineering the so-called “credit crunch” and are operating in ways characteristic of international organized crime syndicates

y. Evidence as to a plan to create a global government under WHO and the UN

z. Evidence as to a long term depopulation agenda to reduce the population to 500 million

You will find this evidence presented systematically in articles (to be added bit by bit over the next few days) and it will also appear as a document in the downloads section. Download some of the documents onto a USB stick along with other documents, including the criminal charges filed with the FBI, (also available for download on the wakenes site) and evidence and bring to your local law enforcement or court.

More facts and information related to the dangers of the “swine flu” vaccine appears every day and can be added to the list of existing evidence so be prepared to send in more information as it becomes available.

Published originally on http://theflucase.com
by Jane Burgermeister

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