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Whistleblower and Military Soldier Sacrifices Self For Humanity By Exposing U.S. “Vaccination” Scheme

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Forced vaccinations : a whistleblower’s warning – reposted by Project Camelot

The original poster of the video was endtimes777 – a very brave young woman. She is (as far as we know) a 37 year old Army Engineer and over the weekend of Sept 12-13 in the LA are attended a drill with colleagues, including California Highway Patrol, LA County Sheriffs, and LAPD.

One of these colleagues told her that he had recently been training to establish roadblocks in the LA area. She references the testimony of former State Trooper Greg Evensen here:

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…and shows clearly readable documentation and a photo (taken by her colleague) of what she states is an RFID tracking device, more information about which is here:





It’s a little unclear what information she has learned at first hand and what she’s learned from others whom she trusts. She states that she knows that the dates for the two waves of forced vaccinations are October 15 and November 15. It’s not stated how she knows this. However: the information reported seems credible and if true, could not be more important.

Watch carefully and please distribute widely. If you do so, please copy the above information – which is important to understand clearly.

We ask the young woman concerned to contact us at support@projectcamelot.org so that we can talk to her personally in full confidence.

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  1. January 11, 2010 at 11:43 am

    A whistleblower is a person who raises a concern about wrongdoing occurring in an organization or body of people

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