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CSI Broadcasts Chemtrails Propaganda: It’s Too Late, We’re Already Awake! We Know The Truth About Chemtrails–Shame On You CSI

At the Wire Of Information Blog we’re all about getting you information not presented to you on television by the dumstream media, and sometimes, (as is the case with the CSI clip below) information that is deliberately misconstrued, covered up, and ridiculed all in one. And placed by “sell out” writers directly into the narrative of a previously interesting weekly tv series like CSI.

Seriously, is it just me? I thought the true artist’s job was to inform US what is wrong with society–(isn’t this why artists are among the first executed by dictators?) Anyway, the artist’s job is definitely not to misuse his craft to intentionally deceive US and misdirect our attention.

Kill Your TV Today

Kill Your TV Today

The fact of the matter is that what follows below is a great example of why we should all just turn off our television. That is, if you can’t bring yourself to destroy your tv rudely with a sledgehammer while capturing your supremely heroic and sovereign act on video. (If you do something like this to your own tv, send your video link to wire of information and we’ll post it immediately! Really, we will.)

Seeing through the media lies is quite simple really: If THEY go to such lengths to disinform US about Chemtrails, you can be certain that there is something going on behind the scenes that they want to distract our attention from. The old, “don’t look at my left hand, look at my right hand” magician trick routine.

Think about this:  if a magician catches you looking at the spot where you’ll notice the secret to his trick, he’ll immediately attempt to distract you so that you don’t catch on.  This is what is being not so skillfully attempted in the clip below.

CSI pulls in 1.5 billion in revenue and each hour long program costs an average of 3 million to produce. Why would Chemtrails Propaganda be inserted into a show such as this if it weren’t critically necessary, to distract the American Citizens away from this extremely important health issue.

Don’t be fooled by dumstream media’s old tricks, Chemtrails are toxic chemicals. Chemtrails are being sprayed into the air over your house, your city–now, right now (seriously, go outside and look up). Therefore the particles in chemtrails are going into our lungs, into animals’ lungs, into your children’s lungs, into the soil and eventually, into the water table–all to be recycled into your body yet again through the very water you drink.

Listen, the only words I can think of to describe the Chemtrails Propaganda in this CSI episode is “utterly disgusting.”

So guess what?  WE have a message for you: CSI creators–the producers, writers and director, editors and actors and crew. We throw the blame on all of you. Fortunately, more than 11% of Humanity is Awake Now. And WE cannot be fooled any longer. : )

WE are so sorry CSI, but you lose this one. Oh and, WE’re on to you now. So be careful because we promise to catch each and every deliberate attempt to brainwash US.

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