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Gulf Oil Spill Mass Evacuation Buses! Where Will THEY Take YOU?

  1. Lawrence Baker
    July 25, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    The criminals (in their face) are in charge and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
    Totalitarianism is here in the United States of America today and Democracy has been totally corrupted.
    The World Banksters and Big Oil crime family in charge has successfully pulled off a multi-trillion dollar fraud on the American People; bankrupting our Treasury and enslaving us to debt, to them!
    Not one corrupt government official or banker criminal has been brought to Justice and charged with fraud! Democracy has been totally corrupted.
    By not bringing the criminals to Justice; they are now celebrating victory and emboldened with Totalitarian power.
    Science, and the advancement in Science, to evolve technology away from the use of fossil fuels; is controlled and neutered; DOE and our Democracy have been totally corrupted.
    Science? Any Plummer will tell you that if you leave a burst pipe capped that the flow will continue to flow out the breached pipe, undermining the ground around it and washing out the pipe. The flow will find its way through the strata to the surface. The flow is not stopped; it merely shows up uncontrolled somewhere else.
    What BP is doing is not Science and a reasonable person will know that the oil well will wash out resulting in a greater catastrophe. We are helpless victims. Our American Democracy has been totally corrupted.
    Revolt and fight for our Democracy and you will be a terrorist and they have a plan for you in their Fascist secret police state.
    Screw Them and their Totalitarian Fascist Police State!
    Our American Democracy, government for and by the People, has been overthrown and we the People must overthrow them to regain our American Democracy and main free.
    Nationalize Wall Street World Bankers, Insurance rackets, and Big Oil.

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