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The Rotation of Earth: It Is Changing And Inconsistent, The Magnetic Pole Shift Is Happening Now

Inconsistent Rotation of Earth

The Inconsistent Rotation of Earth Noted In This Series of Photographs on December 12, 2010

Before I get into the details of the photographs I took on 12/12/2010, I want to start by saying that I took these to see for myself if what was being said in different blogs across the web was actually happening.

Most of us have heard something about the magnetic pole shift the earth is going through.  (Have you noticed the migrating birds?  They seem confused don’t they?)  I actually watched 2 large flocks of what sounded like geese fly around in the same area way up in the sky for about 20 minutes.  They couldn’t figure out which way was South apparently.  Finally one group took off in V formation toward South and the other waited a bit longer; I surmised their leader was having trouble reading the magnetic field, which was probably fluctuating all over the place.

Almost everyone has actually experienced Earth’s weather changes first hand, whether it’s a balmy “winter,” a cold “summer,” unexpected drought or floods, and earthquakes.  Oh and what about those sinkholes opening up suddenly and swallowing entire buildings or houses?  (They call them “Death Holes” In Ho Chi Minh City.  So wtf is happening?

What I can say without a doubt (because I measured it myself) is that the rotation of Earth is changing at present.   To be more specific, it is inconsistent.  And if you don’t believe me, even though the evidence is clear in the pics to the left, then repeat this simple experiment yourself.

Materials and Method:

All you need is a center pipe (I used a small piece of copper pipe); a protractor to measure out 360 degrees around the center; a piece of cardboard with a hole in it for the background, and a camera.

Set your alarm clock and take a pic every hour during the available daylight in your area.

Now for the Details:

  • The first pic was taken at 9:58 am, (I rotated the cardboard so the left edge of shadow made by pipe was aligned with zero degrees).
  • Second pic snapped at 11:03 am.  Left of edge shadow at 14 degrees.
  • Third pic at 12:07 pm.  Lt edge shadow at 32 degrees.
  • Fourth pic at 12:56 pm.  Lt edge shadow at 47 degrees.
  • Fifth pic at 2:02 pm.  Lt edge of shadow at 64 degrees.
  • Sixth pic at 3:03 pm.  Lt edge shadow at 78 degrees.
  • Seventh pic at 4:01 pm.  Lt edge shadow at 90 degrees.
  • Eighth pic at 5:03 pm.  Lt edge shadow at 100 degrees.


The Earth’s current rate of rotation is inconsistent.  As evidenced by the following:

  • First hour (65 min) showed 14 degrees rotation.
  • Second hour (64 min) showed 18 degrees rotation.
  • Third hour (49 min) showed 15 degrees rotation.
  • Fourth hour (66 min) showed 17 degrees rotation.
  • Fifth hour (61 min) showed 14 degrees rotation.
  • Sixth hour (58 min) showed 12 degrees rotation.
  • Seventh hour (62 min) showed 10 degrees rotation.

Now granted, my picture times were not exactly at 60 minutes.  And if you’d like to repeat this experiment and perfect my times, I invite you to do so.  But even taking the third hour into account, which was only 49 minutes between pictures, it still showed a greater degree of rotation than the first hour and the fifth, sixth and seventh hours.  (How is this possible?)

Honestly I do not understand how the rotation of our planet could be uneven and inconsistent like this (unless there are magnetic forces external to it that are affecting it in such a way as to make the Earth’s rotation erratic—slower during some periods of the day and faster during others.

If you have any plausible hypotheses please reply below . . .

(Maybe it’s time to start considering that safe house?)

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