ETs Meeting US Military: Tape of Zetas Tape 06

Zetas from ZetaTalk have stated that this video is a hoax, intended to cast doubt over Tape 05 of the Roswell Crash Survivor, EBE.

There are several clues that this video is a hoax. Tape 05 was documented in a manner consistent with a military operation, where Tape 06 was chatty as though telling a story. The quality of the videos was dramatically different. The story itself was absurd, as why would any MJ12 visitors object to being filmed? If they had an objection, the camera would have failed, simple as that. Tape 06 was produced in order to cast doubt on Tape 05, by those who do not want the alien presence to be proven true and embraced by mankind. Tape 05 had the ring of truth, where Tape 06 lacks this and has many points on which it can be debunked, thus, they hoped, taking Tape 05 with it to be discredited. The ploy will not work, as the public are not the fools hoped. ”

Watch Tape 05

  1. Deborah Hart
    May 18, 2011 at 8:32 am

    I don’t know if this video is real or not, but the “Zetas” are adorable, and I will hold on to the hope that they are really out there until the day I die!
    (And perhaps after…..)

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