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Words of Encouragement

Encouragement by Yvonne Lawson

As the Earth changes are strengthening in pace and covering all manner of variation, the challenges we face daily are increasing, as is evidenced on this site, ZetaTalk and the Facebook site.

On any given day it is hard NOT to find a part of the globe that is free from the effects of the passage of Planet X aka Nibiru.

Sociological changes are evident across the world too, and are the topic of discussion amongst family, friends and colleagues. Dissention, revolt, riots, financial hardship, acts against humans/animals ever more vile in nature, and the list goes on…..

At the same time there are other changes taking place too, largely left out of the main stream media as this kind of activity seldom hits the headlines – it doesn’t sell newspapers!

A noticeable kindness and gentleness is flowing through certain groups of people, at home, the workplace and on social networks. Those of a similar nature (STO) are breathing and communicating this ‘air’ of, let’s call it thoughtfulness. It is powerful as it is keeping the (STS) at bay, who, as per the Zeta’s feels uncomfortable around this atmosphere.

How many of you have noticed that selfish people who were part of your life are staying away from you? They don’t phone you or you don’t bother to call them because you know the conversation will be ‘all about themselves’, or they call you sporadically because they want something, or they keep you on the back burner in case you ‘might be right’ (their thinking) about the pole shift, and how useful you would be to them.

Getting back to ‘thoughtfulness’, I’m not talking about ‘airy fairy’ talk, it’s a ‘knowing’ and caring that is pervading our communications with others. Encounters with strangers – that feeling of having met before, appears to be on the increase too. It may be at work, whilst out shopping or even within groups on the net. There is a familiarity, perhaps just from a glance at a distance or someone says something that resonates and makes you stop and think. Are we beginning to realise we are all connected and what our purpose in this incarnation is?

Let’s rise to the challenges ahead with resolve to be the best we can:

To love without condition

To talk without intent

To give without reason

To care without expectation   

(unknown author)

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