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Weird Weather? Summer Heat at Noon then Sudden Winter at Sundown–All in 24 Hours?

So what’s really going on behind the weirdest weather we’ve ever seen?  Have you been wondering why it’s so hot at noon and then suddenly freezing cold around sundown?  Why is it that meteorologists cannot explain what’s happening to our weather?  Why do they continue to come up with all these new terms to describe what’s happening?  The key is the fact that these are new terms they’re coming up with; we had never heard of any of these before, why now?  What’s changed?

There is a relatively new visitor to our solar system.  The abrupt changes in our weather have been occurring since 2003.  What happened in 2003?  Planet X entered our solar system.

Think about it this way, planets are like huge magnets, they have a north and a south pole, like magnets do.

  1. When magnets are brought close together, they either attract or repel one another, depending on the position of their magnetic poles.
  2. If two North poles are brought close together, the stronger magnet pushes the weaker one’s N pole away from it.
  3. Planet X is much bigger and denser than the Earth.  Planet X is the stronger magnet.
  4. If Earth’s north pole gets close to Planet X’s north pole, Earth would experience a push away from Planet X.
  5. This “push” would rotate the Earth’s north pole away from Planet X’s north pole.
  6. The atmosphere around the Earth would not be pushed away because it is not magnetic.

We would experience this phenomena as a sudden change in weather because the land would move under the atmosphere, a warm land could end up moving under cold temperatures.  Sudden gusts of wind also happen during this daily movement.  There is a name for this phenomena:  the Earth Wobble.

learn more:  http://poleshift.ning.com/video/earth-wobble-accuracy

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