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Pisgah Volcano California: USGS Now Scrambling To Cook Up An “Official Story” For The Pisgah Volcano Eruption Data

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Pisgah Volcano California Erupts Third Time In Three Days

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Pisgah Volcano California UPDATE: FAA Aviation Warning Directly Over Pisgah Volcano

July 25, 2011 1 comment

Pisgah Volcano California UPDATE: Seismic Activity Correlates With Pisgah Volcano Eruption Plume

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Seismic activity near California’s Pisgah Volcano is likely due to the strong magnetic influence on Earth from Nibiru. Nibiru is also causing the uptick in earthquakes, volcano eruptions, landslides, sinkholes, train derailments around the planet.


Nibiru Magnetic Effect On Earth: California’s Pisgah Volcano May Have Erupted (It Hasn’t Erupted in 2000 Years!) Why Now?

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